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where have all the Father's gone

Where have all the Fathers gone?

Today's young Men are in trouble. with unemployment at an all time high, So called role models who promote jail & hell. Fashion Designers got them wearing there sisters pants,droopie pants or dressing like Peewee Herman.
 More money is spent on, tattoos, cell phones, or the latest game console. But what about tomorrow? 
More youth are doing stickups,& stupid crimes. It's as if they are playing out these video games in real life.
 But someone forgot to mention that there's no reset button when you get caught.
Is it the  games like GTA?  & have these games replaced Parenting?

One thing I've come to notice is that today's youth don't know how to be Men. & A lot of the Ole G's will say Man that's not my problem, but it is. I remember Ole heads trying to school me. I'd laugh at some, but they all made sense in some way or another. Even the one's down on their luck. (The damn don't lie, & the dead can't testify).
One thing we had was respect for our elders,& people around us.There was gangs, stabbings, & shootings, but when the ole heads got involved,  change happened.
It's time we start reaching out to them.   I find that some do listen when you have something constructive to say. 
Making eye contact,& adding words like hello,yo, or what's up..(I don't think the word hello  is in the new Ebonics dictionary they call texting.)

So I'm calling on all you Ole heads. Musicians,ex gangsters turned Politicians, Hustlers turned family Man,drug dealer turned preacher,  those who chose a job over the streets. And most of all those who have & still are working hard to achieve their goals.

It's time to take a few under your wings & teach them how to spread there's. It's a lot of them out there with no father figure., One who reminds you of yourself when you were younger. Maybe they're confused sexually because of abuse. Low self esteem, lacking motivation. or a boy becoming a new Dad.
It's not gonna happen overnight,but it's got to start somewhere.
They're are worth the investment!