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Tax money and that student loan

TaxMoney and that loan I forgot about

It's that time of year when a child becomes a valuable asset for many. When that friend or relative wants to use one or two of your children, with promises of hooking you up. It's called Tax time and the reason? Earned income credit.
But do you also remember that student loan you were happy to get. Perhaps you finish school,or maybe you didn't.
But guess what? That loan still exist, and UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!  To pay Him back.

So instead of a refund you get that letter saying your income tax has been applied to you loan. Now your pissed.
All because you ignored the last twelve letters your Uncle sent you
when all you had to do was go on line, or even called  from that phone you agreed to pay for. Make an agreement  and work out a plan. 

They are really there to help you with a reasonable plan.and you may be allowed to pay them as little as five dollars a month depending on your circumstances. 
If you keep up the payments, you help build your credit rating and after several months of consistency, they will work with you even more.
And best of all you get all your tax money, unless you owe child support.

But the bottom line is to be responsible, handle your business, get your money. And pay on that student loan.
.A mind and our tax dollars are two terrible things to waste

Federal Student Aid office of Department of Education
 1-800-4-fed-aid or  1-800-433-3243
 So before you file your taxes, 

Did you Know that you can get your taxes done free at federal agencies. In Philadelphia it's located at 6th and Arch streets
Call for times in your area