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Election day
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Election day
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S.O.S. (Save our public Schools)
Save our Schools
Tax money and that student loan
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S.O.S. (Save our public Schools)

Election day

On tuesday Nov 4th I will be running as a write in candidate for State Representative in the 186th District.
I'm running like this because I want to give my loyalty to the people. 
I ran the last election where a lot of politicians won because they rode the Obama ticket.
My opponent is planning to slide in again. But I'm here to say we do have a voice.& we definitely have a choice.

So I ask that you take a pen to the pols & write in MARK PERSON for State Representative.
And it doesn't hurt to read the Bills they introduce, because they will effect us somehow in the future.
Make your vote count.
Check out my platform @ day
Let's give the power back to the people

Save Our Schools

Shout out to Comedian Kevin Hart & Philadelphia Councilman Darrell Clark.
Clark who manage to find funds  to help the Public school  system by pushing to advance funds from future proceeds of selling empty School buildings. And Philadelphia's own Kevin Hart, who has donated 500 computers to various schools.  Although we have a long way to go, it's a start.

S.O.S update(save our schools)

Schools Superintendent William Hite,Jr. announced plans to reinstate 300 school based positions immediately.
The 33millions dollars gives life to School Secretaries,Coaches,Referees,& Music Teachers.This is a sigh of relief for those who were laid off in June. But come December2013 these monies for Sports & Music will be exhausted.
As they wait for the State & City Council to help them, they have reached out to Teachers, Staff, & Students about funding priorty.Several weeks ago these people who were laid off staged a week long prayer & fast.Also Students from the School of Performing Arts staged a march in protest of the cuts. I don't know but something good seems to have come from that.  Can you say 33million!

Maybe it's time we got more involved from the outside without being taxed, like Business supporting our various sporting activities with equipment & uniforms.& in turn can receive perhaps advertisement, or just feeling good about doing something. All these performing Venues,& clubs,can help support the Arts programs. Builders & Developers ,helping with Blue coller skills. Churches,& places of worship,with Music programs. And let's not forget the  Drug dealers, Hustlers, Rappers,& Athletes. Your money spends too.Use some of that money to do good.Instead of a Tattoo or another pair of sneaks,help a child get an EDUCATION. Schools are like jobs these days, it doesn't look good.  But we got to start somewhere. So share your thoughts & ideas here & let's keep this train rolling.  
Together we can make a difference,and that difference is you!    ( Don't forget to buy your Child a belt.)

Time to stop the bleeding S,O.S. (save our schools)

It's time to stop the bleeding. They are killing our public Schools. Some Charter Schools are good,but when I was younger. Public Schools offered many more opportunities,& possibilities. From Academics, to Arts, Sports, Music, Science & various Trades to name a few. The sky seemed to be the limit. Education is a very important part of life,& also provides jobs for our many fine Teachers, Office Staff, Technicians, Security, & Engineers. And let's not forget the many volunteers. BUDGET CUTS. Administrative leaders ought to be ashamed.
 Don't let them give our Children the oakie doke.

Maybe it time Business,Churches,and those who have achieved success thru the Public school system to give back either financially,or thru donation of equipment needs or what ever you feel you can contribute to S.O.S.
My hat's off to the workers who have staged a fasting protest for the past week down on South Broad,st. in Center City Philadelphia.
As a people it's time we need step up & do some thing before it's too late. Don't let our Public School system die. Because with it comes to loss of Jobs,& not just School employees, but people with less education competing with former School employees for minimal jobs because the powers that be decided we don't need it no more. Once everything becomes privatized,only the chosen few will work. 

Then what's left? Prison? Aren't they trying to privatize that too? Time to stop the bleeding. It's like a snowball rolling down a hill.
What's your thoughts.