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Election day
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Save our Schools
Tax money and that student loan
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where have all the Father's gone
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Well the ball has started to roll.
We've gone from medical marijuana  to making it legal to purchase for comsumer use.
And eventually we in Philadelphia along with other States will have to make choices.
Maybe this will help curb violence. I've seen where drugs such as alcohol have led to fights & other altercatons.
The most violent act I've notice so far from cannibus was an attack on a sandwich.

Marijuana has replaced some medicine that has had  side effects that lead to other medical problems.
Some say it opens up your thought process allowing you to look at things from a deeper perspective, while others claim it get's you stuck on stupid.
The revenue from this product in it's own way can help to save our schools, increase revenue for other projects. And also help to reduce the prison population.
Although I agree that there should be limits as to age & where & when it should smoked.
It looks like weed is here to stay.

I remember in the 70's when the Vietnam war was winding down & Pot was plentiful in the streets 
(20.00 for an ounce of  mexican) & a 5.00 bag Columbine red looked like todays 20.00 bag.
Violence began to subside. Perhaps helped too.
But the main thing was people stop fighting & started having fun.Well least in my neighborhood.
And let's not forget  jobs,
So the question of the day is to spark or not to spark you decide.
What are your thoughts on this issue. We'd like to know.

Where were you the day Kennedy got shot?

 I was a little child at home with the chicken pox when news of the assasination of President Kennedy was shown on tv. Older family members spoke of a good man who was a vision of hope, now taken away. There were no censors then. So you got to see it all on television & magazines. There were many thoughts on how & why he was killed. Even til this day. Years later his brother Bobby was assasinated, & that same year, Martin Luther King was killed also. They even made a picture of the three together.
So where where you & what are your thoughts?

Save our schools

As public schools all across the nation are slowly being phased out or just going thru the motions. It is refreshing to see a school in Roxbury ,Mass. that's going against the grain. They have removed security from  a once promising school that turned into what the Principal stated as a Prison feel, to a once again promising future for the youth attending.
Teachers were warned that this place was a career killer, & was ranked in the bottom five in 2010.
It was so bad that Children weren't allowed to carry backpacks, & could run to the store at will.
Then came Principle Andrew Botts, who removed security & put back Music & the Arts. And it went from violence & teen pregnancy, to one of the fastest student improvement rates Statewide.
Students who were known as unruly and heading for despair, are now learning in an exciting way. Creatively.
Maybe one of the reasons violence is up, is because real music & creativity is down.
Maybe it's time we work on saving our public schools. Bringing back Music,Sports, & the Art's,maybe even incorporate this in Charter schools
It's time to give are Children back the career options we had, instead of just preparing them for a test to make the percentages for that school look good. Security is important, but so are our Children's creativeness, & future.
 And let's not forget jobs. I'd like to know your thoughts on this matter.

What going on in the World today

Thank you for visiting us.Your comments are welcomed here. Feel free to express your views,whatever they may be. In the State of Pennsylvania our Governor wants to sell off the Lottery,& take away jobs by privatizing our Liquor Stores,and making it easier to access alcoholic beverages. Is this a good ideal? Tell us what you think. Also have we become too dependent on technology? Is texting the new form of Ebonics? What happen to using a phone for actually talking to people. When was the last time you actually stood in line at a Bank,or checked out at a cashier. What happen to interaction with actual Human Beings.And cars that park themselves.Most people can't park today. What happens when the system fails? Do we just leave the car in the street? Wake up America.How long before our lives turn into movies like I robot, enemy of the state, or some futuristic nightmare. I'd like to hear from you.