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Election day
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S.O.S. (Save our public Schools)
Save our Schools
Tax money and that student loan
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S.O.S update(save our schools)

Schools Superintendent William Hite,Jr. announced plans to reinstate 300 school based positions immediately.
The 33millions dollars gives life to School Secretaries,Coaches,Referees,& Music Teachers.This is a sigh of relief for those who were laid off in June. But come December2013 these monies for Sports & Music will be exhausted.
As they wait for the State & City Council to help them, they have reached out to Teachers, Staff, & Students about funding priorty.Several weeks ago these people who were laid off staged a week long prayer & fast.

Time to stop the bleeding S,O.S. (save our schools)

It's time to stop the bleeding. They are killing our public Schools. Some Charter Schools are good,but when I was younger. Public Schools offered many more opportunities,& possibilities. From Academics, to Arts, Sports, Music, Science & various Trades to name a few. The sky seemed to be the limit. Education is a very important part of life,& also provides jobs for our many fine Teachers, Office Staff, Technicians, Security, & Engineers. And let's not forget the many volunteers.

Save our schools

As public schools all across the nation are slowly being phased out or just going thru the motions. It is refreshing to see a school in Roxbury ,Mass. that's going against the grain. They have removed security from  a once promising school that turned into what the Principal stated as a Prison feel, to a once again promising future for the youth attending.
Teachers were warned that this place was a career killer, & was ranked in the bottom five in 2010.
It was so bad that Children weren't allowed to carry backpacks, & could run to the store at will.

What going on in the World today

Thank you for visiting us.Your comments are welcomed here. Feel free to express your views,whatever they may be. In the State of Pennsylvania our Governor wants to sell off the Lottery,& take away jobs by privatizing our Liquor Stores,and making it easier to access alcoholic beverages. Is this a good ideal? Tell us what you think. Also have we become too dependent on technology? Is texting the new form of Ebonics? What happen to using a phone for actually talking to people. When was the last time you actually stood in line at a Bank,or checked out at a cashier. What happen to interaction with actual Human Beings.And cars that park themselves.Most people can't park today. What happens when the system fails? Do we just leave the car in the street? Wake up America.How long before our lives turn into movies like I robot, enemy of the state, or some futuristic nightmare. I'd like to hear from you.

Whats on your mind

What's on your mind I'd like to know.Religion,Politics,sports,feeling down or just want to talk? Were here for you.