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The Electoral vote. How the President gets elected.
To all the good Father's
TaxMoney and that loan I forgot about
Election day
Jay Z & Solage Another theory of what was said on the elevator


Election day
Jayz & Solage So this is what happened?
President Kennedy
S.O.S. (Save our public Schools)
Save our Schools
Tax money and that student loan
To Our Father
To smoke or not to smoke. That is the question
where have all the Father's gone
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The Electoral vote. How the President gets elected.

Once again we will be voting for who to lead us where. But it's also good to know how your Candidate gets elected.
& that's thru the Electoral Collage. Your Senators & Congressmen. the good & the Opportunist. So remember, to vote logically, Not arrogantly. All of our futures count on it ! (I do not endorse or am affiliated with this academy)

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Sal teaches Grover about the electoral college | US government and civics | Khan Academy
Sal helps our favorite Sesame Street character understand how we elect the president of the United States. Check out more lessons about American civics on Khan Academy at A...

To all the good Father's

First I'd like to say happy Father's Day to the Father of all of us the CREATOR.
And to all the Men who are out there enduring the struggles of being a Father & raising a family in these days of people wanting to re-identify a Man and His role in life... This day is for You, myself and all my Brothers out there, and that's all of you.       Happy  Father's Day. 

TaxMoney and that loan I forgot about

It's that time of year when a child becomes a valuable asset for many. When that friend or relative wants to use one or two of your children, with promises of hooking you up. It's called Tax time and the reason? Earned income credit.
But do you also remember that student loan you were happy to get. Perhaps you finish school,or maybe you didn't.
But guess what? That loan still exist, and UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!  To pay Him back.

So instead of a refund you get that letter saying your income tax has been applied to you loan. Now your pissed.
All because you ignored the last twelve letters your Uncle sent you
when all you had to do was go on line, or even called  from that phone you agreed to pay for. Make an agreement  and work out a plan. 

They are really there to help you with a reasonable plan.and you may be allowed to pay them as little as five dollars a month depending on your circumstances. 
If you keep up the payments, you help build your credit rating and after several months of consistency, they will work with you even more.
And best of all you get all your tax money, unless you owe child support.

But the bottom line is to be responsible, handle your business, get your money. And pay on that student loan.
.A mind and our tax dollars are two terrible things to waste

Federal Student Aid office of Department of Education
 1-800-4-fed-aid or  1-800-433-3243
 So before you file your taxes, 

Did you Know that you can get your taxes done free at federal agencies. In Philadelphia it's located at 6th and Arch streets
Call for times in your area

Election day

On tuesday Nov 4th I will be running as a write in candidate for State Representative in the 186th District.
I'm running like this because I want to give my loyalty to the people. 
I ran the last election where a lot of politicians won because they rode the Obama ticket.
My opponent is planning to slide in again. But I'm here to say we do have a voice.& we definitely have a choice.

So I ask that you take a pen to the pols & write in MARK PERSON for State Representative.
And it doesn't hurt to read the Bills they introduce, because they will effect us somehow in the future.
Make your vote count.
Check out my platform @ day
Let's give the power back to the people

Jay Z & Solage Another theory of what was said on the elevator

Solage; So Beyonce told me about you not wanting me to open for you? & what's this I can't drink?
Jay z; you know when you drink Armadale what happens?You start wanting to sing old Destiny child songs & throwing those lefts at people.

Solage; What???Jigga mannn???  You must not know bout me. I'm a survivor I'm gonna make it.
Jayz; There you go, going nuts again.
Solage; Nuts??? I'll show you nuts (she now turns into Crouching tiger,hidden Dragon & begins The Attack of the Jewels.)

Beyonce steps in & says; to the left to the left, but don't you ever for a moment get to thinking...  
 Your gonna kick Him in the nuts.
Tony Soprano once said something like what JayZ probably said
Where a family,&even thought you hit me in the face. What happens in this elevator stays in this elevator.

It's a hard knock life.

Where have all the Fathers gone?

Today's young Men are in trouble. with unemployment at an all time high, So called role models who promote jail & hell. Fashion Designers got them wearing there sisters pants,droopie pants or dressing like Peewee Herman.
 More money is spent on, tattoos, cell phones, or the latest game console. But what about tomorrow? 
More youth are doing stickups,& stupid crimes. It's as if they are playing out these video games in real life.
 But someone forgot to mention that there's no reset button when you get caught.
Is it the  games like GTA?  & have these games replaced Parenting?

One thing I've come to notice is that today's youth don't know how to be Men. & A lot of the Ole G's will say Man that's not my problem, but it is. I remember Ole heads trying to school me. I'd laugh at some, but they all made sense in some way or another. Even the one's down on their luck. (The damn don't lie, & the dead can't testify).
One thing we had was respect for our elders,& people around us.There was gangs, stabbings, & shootings, but when the ole heads got involved,  change happened.
It's time we start reaching out to them.   I find that some do listen when you have something constructive to say. 
Making eye contact,& adding words like hello,yo, or what's up..(I don't think the word hello  is in the new Ebonics dictionary they call texting.)

So I'm calling on all you Ole heads. Musicians,ex gangsters turned Politicians, Hustlers turned family Man,drug dealer turned preacher,  those who chose a job over the streets. And most of all those who have & still are working hard to achieve their goals.

It's time to take a few under your wings & teach them how to spread there's. It's a lot of them out there with no father figure., One who reminds you of yourself when you were younger. Maybe they're confused sexually because of abuse. Low self esteem, lacking motivation. or a boy becoming a new Dad.
It's not gonna happen overnight,but it's got to start somewhere.
They're are worth the investment!


Well the ball has started to roll.
We've gone from medical marijuana  to making it legal to purchase for comsumer use.
And eventually we in Philadelphia along with other States will have to make choices.
Maybe this will help curb violence. I've seen where drugs such as alcohol have led to fights & other altercatons.
The most violent act I've notice so far from cannibus was an attack on a sandwich.

Marijuana has replaced some medicine that has had  side effects that lead to other medical problems.
Some say it opens up your thought process allowing you to look at things from a deeper perspective, while others claim it get's you stuck on stupid.
The revenue from this product in it's own way can help to save our schools, increase revenue for other projects. And also help to reduce the prison population.
Although I agree that there should be limits as to age & where & when it should smoked.
It looks like weed is here to stay.

I remember in the 70's when the Vietnam war was winding down & Pot was plentiful in the streets 
(20.00 for an ounce of  mexican) & a 5.00 bag Columbine red looked like todays 20.00 bag.
Violence began to subside. Perhaps helped too.
But the main thing was people stop fighting & started having fun.Well least in my neighborhood.
And let's not forget  jobs,
So the question of the day is to spark or not to spark you decide.
What are your thoughts on this issue. We'd like to know.

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

From adversity to greatness. A Man who was, and will always be,,a light to the world. I thank the CREATOR for allowing me to witness a miracle. Rest in peace Mr. Mandela, 
That long walk to freedom?  You definitely walked it.

Where were you the day Kennedy got shot?

 I was a little child at home with the chicken pox when news of the assasination of President Kennedy was shown on tv. Older family members spoke of a good man who was a vision of hope, now taken away. There were no censors then. So you got to see it all on television & magazines. There were many thoughts on how & why he was killed. Even til this day. Years later his brother Bobby was assasinated, & that same year, Martin Luther King was killed also. They even made a picture of the three together.
So where where you & what are your thoughts?

Save Our Schools

Shout out to Comedian Kevin Hart & Philadelphia Councilman Darrell Clark.
Clark who manage to find funds  to help the Public school  system by pushing to advance funds from future proceeds of selling empty School buildings. And Philadelphia's own Kevin Hart, who has donated 500 computers to various schools.  Although we have a long way to go, it's a start.

S.O.S update(save our schools)

Schools Superintendent William Hite,Jr. announced plans to reinstate 300 school based positions immediately.
The 33millions dollars gives life to School Secretaries,Coaches,Referees,& Music Teachers.This is a sigh of relief for those who were laid off in June. But come December2013 these monies for Sports & Music will be exhausted.
As they wait for the State & City Council to help them, they have reached out to Teachers, Staff, & Students about funding priorty.Several weeks ago these people who were laid off staged a week long prayer & fast.Also Students from the School of Performing Arts staged a march in protest of the cuts. I don't know but something good seems to have come from that.  Can you say 33million!

Maybe it's time we got more involved from the outside without being taxed, like Business supporting our various sporting activities with equipment & uniforms.& in turn can receive perhaps advertisement, or just feeling good about doing something. All these performing Venues,& clubs,can help support the Arts programs. Builders & Developers ,helping with Blue coller skills. Churches,& places of worship,with Music programs. And let's not forget the  Drug dealers, Hustlers, Rappers,& Athletes. Your money spends too.Use some of that money to do good.Instead of a Tattoo or another pair of sneaks,help a child get an EDUCATION. Schools are like jobs these days, it doesn't look good.  But we got to start somewhere. So share your thoughts & ideas here & let's keep this train rolling.  
Together we can make a difference,and that difference is you!    ( Don't forget to buy your Child a belt.)

Time to stop the bleeding S,O.S. (save our schools)

It's time to stop the bleeding. They are killing our public Schools. Some Charter Schools are good,but when I was younger. Public Schools offered many more opportunities,& possibilities. From Academics, to Arts, Sports, Music, Science & various Trades to name a few. The sky seemed to be the limit. Education is a very important part of life,& also provides jobs for our many fine Teachers, Office Staff, Technicians, Security, & Engineers. And let's not forget the many volunteers. BUDGET CUTS. Administrative leaders ought to be ashamed.
 Don't let them give our Children the oakie doke.

Maybe it time Business,Churches,and those who have achieved success thru the Public school system to give back either financially,or thru donation of equipment needs or what ever you feel you can contribute to S.O.S.
My hat's off to the workers who have staged a fasting protest for the past week down on South Broad,st. in Center City Philadelphia.
As a people it's time we need step up & do some thing before it's too late. Don't let our Public School system die. Because with it comes to loss of Jobs,& not just School employees, but people with less education competing with former School employees for minimal jobs because the powers that be decided we don't need it no more. Once everything becomes privatized,only the chosen few will work. 

Then what's left? Prison? Aren't they trying to privatize that too? Time to stop the bleeding. It's like a snowball rolling down a hill.
What's your thoughts.  

Save our schools

As public schools all across the nation are slowly being phased out or just going thru the motions. It is refreshing to see a school in Roxbury ,Mass. that's going against the grain. They have removed security from  a once promising school that turned into what the Principal stated as a Prison feel, to a once again promising future for the youth attending.
Teachers were warned that this place was a career killer, & was ranked in the bottom five in 2010.
It was so bad that Children weren't allowed to carry backpacks, & could run to the store at will.
Then came Principle Andrew Botts, who removed security & put back Music & the Arts. And it went from violence & teen pregnancy, to one of the fastest student improvement rates Statewide.
Students who were known as unruly and heading for despair, are now learning in an exciting way. Creatively.
Maybe one of the reasons violence is up, is because real music & creativity is down.
Maybe it's time we work on saving our public schools. Bringing back Music,Sports, & the Art's,maybe even incorporate this in Charter schools
It's time to give are Children back the career options we had, instead of just preparing them for a test to make the percentages for that school look good. Security is important, but so are our Children's creativeness, & future.
 And let's not forget jobs. I'd like to know your thoughts on this matter.

What going on in the World today

Thank you for visiting us.Your comments are welcomed here. Feel free to express your views,whatever they may be. In the State of Pennsylvania our Governor wants to sell off the Lottery,& take away jobs by privatizing our Liquor Stores,and making it easier to access alcoholic beverages. Is this a good ideal? Tell us what you think. Also have we become too dependent on technology? Is texting the new form of Ebonics? What happen to using a phone for actually talking to people. When was the last time you actually stood in line at a Bank,or checked out at a cashier. What happen to interaction with actual Human Beings.And cars that park themselves.Most people can't park today. What happens when the system fails? Do we just leave the car in the street? Wake up America.How long before our lives turn into movies like I robot, enemy of the state, or some futuristic nightmare. I'd like to hear from you.

Whats on your mind

What's on your mind I'd like to know.Religion,Politics,sports,feeling down or just want to talk? Were here for you.