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To all the good Father's
If you watch the voice
TaxMoney and that loan I forgot about
Election day
Jay Z & Solage Another theory of what was said on the elevator


Election day
Following your DREAM
Jayz & Solage So this is what happened?
President Kennedy
S.O.S. (Save our public Schools)
Save our Schools
Tax money and that student loan
To Our Father
To smoke or not to smoke. That is the question
where have all the Father's gone
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To all the good Father's

First I'd like to say happy Father's Day to the Father of all of us the CREATOR.
And to all the Men who are out there enduring the struggles of being a Father & raising a family in these days of people wanting to re-identify a Man and His role in life... This day is for You, myself and all my Brothers out there, and that's all of you.       Happy  Father's Day. 

If you watch the voice

I was fortunate enough to meet an Artist who's goal was to make it on the voice for a chance to show his skills.
 He not only made it there.  
He got them all to turn there chairs around.

I met him a year ago on the streets of Philadelphia. He had a little amp, mic and some CD's. He was raising money to fulfill a dream, & that was to make it on the voice. He sang & moved so smoothly that day. And He was one of the humblest of people I've come to know.
 He couldn't thank my family & I  enough for enjoying His performance.

TaxMoney and that loan I forgot about

It's that time of year when a child becomes a valuable asset for many. When that friend or relative wants to use one or two of your children, with promises of hooking you up. It's called Tax time and the reason? Earned income credit.
But do you also remember that student loan you were happy to get. Perhaps you finish school,or maybe you didn't.
But guess what? That loan still exist, and UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!  To pay Him back.

So instead of a refund you get that letter saying your income tax has been applied to you loan.

Election day

On tuesday Nov 4th I will be running as a write in candidate for State Representative in the 186th District.
I'm running like this because I want to give my loyalty to the people. 
I ran the last election where a lot of politicians won because they rode the Obama ticket.
My opponent is planning to slide in again. But I'm here to say we do have a voice.& we definitely have a choice.

So I ask that you take a pen to the pols & write in MARK PERSON for State Representative.
And it doesn't hurt to read the Bills they introduce, because they will effect us somehow in the future.

Jay Z & Solage Another theory of what was said on the elevator

Solage; So Beyonce told me about you not wanting me to open for you? & what's this I can't drink?
Jay z; you know when you drink Armadale what happens?You start wanting to sing old Destiny child songs & throwing those lefts at people.

Solage; What???Jigga mannn???  You must not know bout me. I'm a survivor I'm gonna make it.
Jayz; There you go, going nuts again.
Solage; Nuts??? I'll show you nuts (she now turns into Crouching tiger,hidden Dragon & begins The Attack of the Jewels.

Where have all the Fathers gone?

Today's young Men are in trouble. with unemployment at an all time high, So called role models who promote jail & hell. Fashion Designers got them wearing there sisters pants,droopie pants or dressing like Peewee Herman.
 More money is spent on, tattoos, cell phones, or the latest game console. But what about tomorrow? 
More youth are doing stickups,& stupid crimes. It's as if they are playing out these video games in real life.
 But someone forgot to mention that there's no reset button when you get caught.


Well the ball has started to roll.
We've gone from medical marijuana  to making it legal to purchase for comsumer use.
And eventually we in Philadelphia along with other States will have to make choices.
Maybe this will help curb violence. I've seen where drugs such as alcohol have led to fights & other altercatons.
The most violent act I've notice so far from cannibus was an attack on a sandwich.

Marijuana has replaced some medicine that has had  side effects that lead to other medical problems.

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

From adversity to greatness. A Man who was, and will always be,,a light to the world. I thank the CREATOR for allowing me to witness a miracle. Rest in peace Mr. Mandela, 
That long walk to freedom?  You definitely walked it.

Where were you the day Kennedy got shot?

 I was a little child at home with the chicken pox when news of the assasination of President Kennedy was shown on tv. Older family members spoke of a good man who was a vision of hope, now taken away. There were no censors then. So you got to see it all on television & magazines. There were many thoughts on how & why he was killed. Even til this day. Years later his brother Bobby was assasinated, & that same year, Martin Luther King was killed also. They even made a picture of the three together.

Save Our Schools

Shout out to Comedian Kevin Hart & Philadelphia Councilman Darrell Clark.
Clark who manage to find funds  to help the Public school  system by pushing to advance funds from future proceeds of selling empty School buildings. And Philadelphia's own Kevin Hart, who has donated 500 computers to various schools.  Although we have a long way to go, it's a start.