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Taking care of yourself is important these days.
Although I'm not a Doctor,I find that some of theses things below work for me,along with a little fiber now and then. Health benefits are definitely one of my favorite exercise, what's yours? 

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healthy foodsGood things for the BodyCoca cola's secret recipie ?Many uses of baking sodaFRASQUIA, Bolivia — Bolivian indigenous farmer Carmelo Flores, who could be the oldest Person living today, attributes his longevity to quinoa grains, riverside mushrooms and around-the-clock chewing of coca leaves.
Carmelo Flores from Bolivia. Born 7/16/1890.Credits Quinoa & potatoes,mushrooms &cocoa leafSpeaking in the 4,000-meter high hamlet where he lives in a straw-roofed hut, Flores says the traditional Andean diet has kept him alive for 123 years.
"Potatoes with quinoa are delicious," said Flores in Aymara, the only language the nearly deaf man speaks.
Although the Bolivian Goverment started issuing official Birth certificates in 1940.
Mr Flores states his baptismal certificate lists his birthday as July 16, 1890 and he has national identity documents based on that certificate.
Well if this is what this man says. Who would know better than Carmelo Flores Himself.
So here's to a long happy, healthy, & prosperous life. 
And don't forget the spiritual side.

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 Talk about the one that got away ? Well this one didn't.
It took three men, a small boat, & an hour to pull this one in. The town will be eating good tonight.

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MOODY'S MOOD FOR LOVE - Quincy Jones, James Moody, Brian McKnight
Quincy Jones' "From Q, With Love" arranges a Classic from Jazz Great James Moody. Brian McKnight does a superb job with lead vocals accompanied by Take 6 and Rachelle Ferrell