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There are many fruits and vegetables that are good for your mind, body, and overall good health. Below are some that actually resemble certain parts of the Human Body. It's amazing the many gifts the Creator provides for us, and one of them is the many healing tools that He make's available. Like some you are about to view below at Health tips for the body.
fr-sweetpotatoehb-pancreashb-sperm-egg-and-sex-male-organfr-figfr redkidneySweet potatoes have the look and shape of a Pancreas, and they help balance the glycemics index of Diabetics
Like the male anatomy. Figs hang in two's and are full of seeds.
Figs help in the movement of male sperm and increases the male sperm count.
It is said to help overcome sterility in males
hb-human-anatomy kidney

The Kidney bean looks like a Human Kidney.
They also help to maintain Kidney function.


Olives assist in the health and function of the ovaries.
Avocados, eggplant and pears,are good for health and functions of the womb and Cervix.
An avocado  balances hormones,
helps in losing weight and helps in preventing cervical cancers. It also takes nine months to grow an a Avocado to a ripened fruit.

fr grapesb-Red and white human blood cells as seen under a microscope using a blue slide stainGrapes come in clusters shaped like the heart.
Their look is simular to blood cells.
Researchers say that grapes are good food for the Heart and the blood..


b rhabarbarum.2006-04-27.uellue Celery,Bok Choi,and Rhubarb to name a few  resemble Bones in the body, and help to  strengthen them..
 The Human body when low on sodium pulls it from the bones,thus making them weak.
These food groups help to replenish that lost

the hearthealth tipsfr-carrots

Tomatoes like the Heart, have four chambers,and are also red.
Tomatoes are full of lycopene, which help provide food for your blood and Heart

Carrots when sliced, look like the human eye..
If you look closely you will see the pupil, Iris, and the lines like the Human Eye.
Through research and Mom telling me that carrots are good for the eyes, they also greatly enhance blood flow and functions of the eyes.  

hb-showing-the-right-half-of-the-human-brain-brainstem-midbrainfHealth tipshealth tipsCPR for your petWalnuts, much like the Brain are surrounded by a hard shell similar to the Human Skull.
According to people like the good Doctor you see on tv. Walnuts help in many ways,one is developing dozens of neuron transmitters for functioning of the Brain.
My hope is that you find these tips beneficial, and perhaps leading to better living and dieting.

And let's not forget one more tip.
This one is for saving the life of your pet if needed.

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