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     Wedding Gowns, Prom and Pageant Dresses.             Tuxedos, and Celebrity  Hair styles 

This is the time of year when our young Men actually pull up their pants, and put on suits, ties and shoes. A time when our young Ladies get the approval of their Parents to use makeup,and wear Mom's favorite earrings.

Evening wearThe next time for some will be their wedding day,but approaching soon is the day young Men will pull up there pants, and actually wear a belt and shoes.
Young Ladies will get there hair and nails done, Looking like the Princesses that they are.With those matching shoes and purse.

For the right to turn that tassel,and toss that cap.

Some will arrive in stretch Limos. Others may drive a parents car.
So hats off to all, and  check out the wares below as we prepare the class of 2015

                     Wedding and Prom wear
 Below are a variety of styles,and colors of various Gowns,and cocktail dresses.
Whether it be for a Prom, Wedding, or even a formal dinner. you'll find it here.
 And we haven't forgotten the Men.

For some reason it seems to improve your posture soon as you put that jacket on.

You check that mirror one more time. when you come to realize. It's not to bad getting dressed up.

 So  browse our page and click on to special savings below, as you prepare for that big day.

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                                          Formal wear for today's Man   
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          From straight flowing and curly hair. To Bob's, Braids, Weaves, or even a short tapered look.
             Women today have a variety of styles to choose from. But most of all, make sure it's done right
             Not someone just starting beauty school who's already missed three day's of school in two weeks.
             Or that relative turned hairstylist who will do it for twenty dollars to fix your Do.
            Remember that pictures remain forever. So make sure to look your best and take some good pictures.
            And on that special day. Let the pros do it!       (PS: don't forget to smile)

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