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sk7converseWhat pair did you wear?
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                                            But First
              The Beginning of the evolution of Man flying.
      It all started with a Doctor named J. Who came from a land called the A.B.A..
 And He taught the art of flying to other mortals who had never seen a sight like this.
And through the many that were to follow came an Heir named Jordan.
Who stuck His tongue out at gravity,and refused to be denied His rite of passage.
So through the years, the journey towards the orange cylinder and the desire
 to put the Ball in the hole,birthed a Man child.
 One who studied the art of flying, and domination.
He heard of rings of gold,that had the word champion on it. And if He continued,
He was told they would name a sneaker after Him, like the other two Kings.
And yes, He did fly.
So settle in and enjoy, what pair did you wear. Below you can see the Masters at
Also; ever wondered where the three point shot, Dunking, and the Slam dunk contest originated from?  We got it here.

And let's not forget pound for pound one of the greatest Guards who changed the Game of Basketball. The story of Beauty and the Beast A.I. and Shaq.
Hall of Fame? I think so.

 Don't forget  latest in sneaker fashion and some of the expensive footwear on the market today
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sneakersWhat pair do you wear?
                  The birth of the aerial assault
                         Or was it the shoes?
The first sighting of men flying was rumored to be happening in a land called the ABA.
 The American Basketball Association.
 A franchise trying to compete against the Giants of the NBA. Better known as The National Basketball Association.
The ABA,  like the USFL,and a Texas Promoter went after the big money players with big money/
 Like  George "Ice Man" Gervin, David"Sky walker"Thompson,and Julius"Dr.J Irving. along with some quality referees  like Veteran Earl Strom 
But enough politics
The NBA at the time had many great players like Wilt Chamberlain,Jerry West,and Bill Russell to name a few  And they could jump, shoot the lights out like west, rebound like Russell, and score like Chamberlain. But they didn't fly.
Cable wasn't around yet, If you were lucky you'd catch an  ABA game here and there. 
And you'd see that the rumors of players soaring through the air via the basket,were real. 
And when they would step further beyond the key, to that second line, three points instead of two were awarded. And a chance for four if you were fouled.
The game went from set shots and layups, to bombs beyond the arc. And players soaring from the foul line to the basket to score.
 Was this the beginning of  Man flying through the air without wings,pulleys, or other devices.
To me it was. When Doc played,,players playing Him would stop to watch his flight to the basket.
There was a time when dunking wasn't allowed in the NBA. One instance I remember was   when the ABA began to merge with the NBA. Center, Artist Gilmore. receive a pass inside and he dunked the ball.The referee immediately blew the whistle and took away the score. 
But this could not be ignored anymore. The new stir of excitement added more fun to a game that was already fun to play, and became even more fun to watch.. 
The NBA was becoming FANtastic.
.As if overnight sneakers went from cloth to vinyl. From tennis shoe to basketball sneakers 
Maybe it was something in those shoes(Remember P.F. flyers, run your fastest, jump your highest). Or Converse. (Don't get the sneakes that slip and slide. Go get the sneaks with the star on the side)
 I remember my first pair of those magic shoes, better known as, Dr J's.I wanted to fly too.
This was before the whole Nike revolution, and the tongue thing. Jordan was still working on His game, and Kobe was yet to walk, let alone fly.
But they both eventually did. And they did it with authority
Eventually I did get to fly. I put on my sneaks on.flew down to the video game store.
Picked up NBA live, and have been flying and dunking ever since
So however you do it just do it.     
drj doc7jordandrjconverse-1970s-drj-basket-shoesdr.J

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1970s: The NBA vs. the ABA
Players that set the tone.
                                           Did you know in 1967 the N.B.A. ban the dunk because of two players. One N.B.A. great Wilt Chamberlin. & upcoming College star. Lew Alcinder (Kareem Abdul Jabbar).
When the A.B.A. merged with the NBA Artist Gilmore dunked during the All Star game. Only to have the Basket taken away .
it wasnt until 1976 that they reinstated the Dunk, along with the 3 point shoot .     

                  A time before Video games
 Below are some of the games your Dad and Grandpop use to play before video games
You could find  pinball machines at a corner store, arcade, or bowling alleys.
  But at home television was for watching. & you were the remote & antenna fixer. And games were played on the table or floor
Football was set up and played on a metal vibrating field, with the players running every which way but forward.
 And to throw the ball the quarter back could easily throw that felt ball into the next room.
 You'd lose those felt balls easily. So you had to keep cotton  handy, and run a lot.
And to make them run, you had to turn that screw and it would make this annoying sound, which always ended with my Mom yelling;TURN THAT LOUD THING OFF
Baseball was played on a field made of metal and with a plastic strip going around the bases to make the men run.The ball was a magnet and you would pitch & throw from the center field stands, If the magnet hit within the circle before the runner got in the circle,He was out. If the defense missed the circle, your man could keep running.& if you wanted him to run faster. You'd turn up the vibration. But you;d risk him falling. ( it was actually kinda fun !)

   Basketball  had no players or plays Just who could flick the ball first and fastest to score.The ball would roll until it landed in ome of you circles with a flicker. you could actually flick the ball around for a clear shot. But nothing like today.
Hockey I still enjoy playing today. Fast paced and fun. The Delux came with music & a plastic dome,  to avoid injury

For Boxing it was Rock em Sock em robots. A  timeless classic where you fought until someones head got knocked off.

NFL talking football was a great game. 
You had these little records with different offensive plays. 
One each record, & all defensive plays on each record..
Where  you try & outsmart your opponent. Some though would mark certain records 

And then came a game called Atari, And the way games were played changed forever.

                                        Speaking of Games 
               This is for all you NBA live 2019 Ballers.

 We are hosting a 64 Team 5 on 5Tournament, divided into four divisions
The first 2 rounds will be best of 3 Game elimination rounds.
The 16 remaining teams will compete in a best of 5 series.
The remaining 8 teams will participate in a 7 Game series up til the Finals.

Each Team must submit a 5 Man Team with 2 alternates.[optional].
All teams must present Players game name,position, ranking, e-mail address, time zone, & weekend availability.

There will be a 13.00 per person entry fee, or 55.00 per team if paid at once.
The pot will be split 50//50 with at least 500.00 for the winning team.& prizes for the runner ups. 

You must be 18 yrs  or older, or have a Parents permission to play. 
It is suggested when turning on your console, you reset it to make sure you don't lag out during games. These games can only be replayed if more than one member goes out from each team.

If you have more than one player you use you must enter them also. As to avoid confusion.

                      So bring your A game & let's run.


                                                             Live 19                                                          What I wear!
 We need Anylists for Pre & Post Game highlights.As we go on this Quest.

Also videos are encouraged & can be submitted to our site where a page will be devoted to games played along with other search platforms for easy viewing access. 

So come on out with your best squad. If you don't have one, we'll match you with other individuals to form a team.
So let's get ready to Ball in these next couple of weeks.
 Hit me up & let's run.        
Xxtee146xX on NBA LIVE 19 ps4

derrick rose
Welcome to the Home of the Live 2018
               Finals Showdown

s9mj8 addiss10jumpman

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which one's do you own ?



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200px-Wilt Chamberlain3

Having had the the opportunity to see some of the greats. such as Chamberlin.Doc,Jordan,Bird, Barkley,Maravich, Magic,West,Gervin,Ray Allen & A.I..To name a few. But to see a boy out of high school rise to the ranks of the Elite.


The G.O.A.T.?
.Wilt "the Big Dipper" Chamberline; 7'2" & 300 pds of muscle averaging 30-50 pts & 20 rebounds per Game...4 time MVP,
 2 Championships &13 all star appearances. this before all the supplements & Sports Medicine. and lets not forget the sneakers they played in.(above) He even played in Conan the Destroyer.This on top of the many women in His lifetime. So when you mention G.O.A.T. You better include Wilt.
 Right Labron?

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